Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Russia Accused Of Being Behind The Democrat's Email Leak

Bloomberg: Russia Said to Be Leading Suspect in Breach of DNC Computers

* Russian government rejects claims it’s connected to hack
* WikiLeaks e-mail posting led to ousting of DNC chief

Russia is a leading suspect in a hacking attack on the Democratic National Committee that resulted in the theft of e-mail and internal reports, according to a U.S. official with knowledge of the probe who asked to not be identified because the inquiry is continuing.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the breach, which some U.S. lawmakers and cybersecurity specialists had already linked to Russia. The Russian government reiterated a previous statement denying involvement in the hack, spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Monday. In a statement, the FBI made no mention of Russia and offered no details on where it was focusing its investigation.

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WNU Editor: I am involved in number of cyber projects, and I have some good contacts in cyber security who are knowledgeable about such things. I asked them a simple question today .... do U.S. authorities have the ability to know where (and when) a cyber-attack done by a reasonable good hacker trying to steal information originated from. Their answer .... no. They found it also a bit too much to have the emails posted online and within 24 hours having Hillary Clinton's campaign manager going on the record that this was a Russian hack. As it was explained to me .... it takes a long time to find out exactly when such a beach occurred, what was stolen, and where did this stolen information go. To know all the answers within 24 hours .... it is impossible.

So why the accusations against Russia .... the answer is simple .... to deflect from the content of the emails which are incredibly explosive.

Update: Russia has responded to these accusations .... Kremlin declines to comment on Russia’s alleged involvement in Clinton email leak (TASS)

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TWN said...

This spin is amazing they ignore the Emails which are damning and twist the whole thing over on to Trump via the Russians, the people controlling the Main Stream Media really are slick. One can't take the MSM reports for anything other than Propaganda, the CBC in on it as well, amazing.