Saturday, July 9, 2016

Russian President Putin Signs A New Counterterrorism Law

VOA: Putin Signs Counterterrorism Law Criticized by Telecom Chiefs, Rights Activists

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed into law a controversial package of amendments to the country’s existing counterterrorism laws.

While the new law toughens punishment for crimes connected to terrorism and extremism, experts say that the criteria for determining what is terrorist and extremist are vague, meaning the authorities can interpret the terms in an unacceptably loose manner.

The Kremlin said in a statement Thursday that Putin instructed the government and the Federal Security Service, the country’s principal security agency, “to prepare drafts of necessary regulatory acts aimed at minimizing the possible risks associated with the application” of the new law.

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WNU Editor:
Yes .... I am steamed about this .... it opens scores of doors for abuse. Edward Snowden's criticisms are also correct .... Edward Snowden says it's a 'dark day' in Russia after Vladimir Putin introduces draconian new surveillance laws (The Independent).


Bob Huntley said...

But, but he announced it.

Daniel said...

Is this the first time Snowden criticised Putin?

War News Updates Editor said...

If my memory serves me correctly .... twice before .... but not this forceful.

Jay Farquharson said...

So Russia's just catching up to the West?