Saturday, July 2, 2016

Russian Senator And Deputy Chair of Intelligence: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Is A Russian Spy

Edward Snowden. Reuters

XXX Committee: The Kremlin Admits Snowden is a Russian Agent

In the three years since Edward Snowden landed in Moscow, his relationship with his hosts has been a source of much speculation and controversy. The American IT contractor, who worked for the CIA and NSA until he fled Hawaii with more than a million purloined secret files, has not left Russia since he arrived at Sheremetyevo airport on 23 June 2013, on a flight from Hong Kong.

Snowden landed in Moscow with the permission of the Russian government, whose representatives he met during his sojourn in Hong Kong that lasted more than three weeks. He became so friendly with them that he actually celebrated his 30th birthday at the Russian consulate!

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WNU Editor: The Russian senator who made the claim that Edward Snowden is a Russian spy .... Franz Klintsevich .... is a unique character. But he does sit on Russia's senate committee responsible for national security and intelligence, and he is privy to probably all the secrets within Russian intelligence. If he says it .... in the eyes of Russian intelligence it is probably true. As to what is my take .... if I was to put on my "Russian hat" .... I would call him a useful idiot.

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Jay Farquharson said...


A CT site referencing an NPR only story?

War News Updates Editor said...

I know Jay .... flimsy at best. But like I said .... Franz Klintsevich is an interesting character. And while the West does not know much about him .... many in Russia do. But the Edward Snowen allegation is the least of his concerns .... he is right now fighting corruption/embezzlement charges.

Russian internal politics .... never boring ...makes the House of Cards look like Romper Room.

Jay Farquharson said...

I'd believe it more if it were RT.

There is a huge MSM resentment of Assange, WikiLeaks, Snowdon and Greenwald, because they are doing the job the MSM is too lazy to do, while at the same time being utterly reliant on them and the blogger's to actually report and create stories.

If we had to rely on the current MSM for stories, Watergate would be a strange break in in which nothing was taken,

Iran- Contra would be just some missing TOW's, Hawk's and F-14 part's from US inventories, while strangely, "somebody" was flooding the "non-aligned" Contra's with weapons, aircraft and training.

Daniel said...

It could just be a matter of spreading confusion. Or he could indeed be an idiot who is useful because he spreads confusion.

War News Updates Editor said...

Jay .... the MSM resentment of Assange, WikiLeaks, Snowdon and Greenwald .... it is definitely there. But the MSM is also hostile to conservatives and progressive who are critical of the status quo/establishment.

Jay Farquharson said...

I have yet, ( since 2002), not seen an MSM "story" not already leaked by the "altmedia", and have seen thousands of MSM "stories", utterly torn apart by altmedia.

Truth Teller said...

I really enjoy the serious and in depth discussions provide by the WNU editor and the many knowledgeable and opinionated contributors. But to blame the MSM for BS or obfuscation related to Snowden is beyond the pale. accusing them of disseminating tainted information or lying about the pursuits of the intelligence angencies of Russia and of a China is laughable at this point.

This site is plaqued with Russian apologists who can't even see clear to admit that Snowden is a wonderful resource and lap dog to the enemies of free people or those longing for the same. And they can never cease to turn their angry and anti west gaze back at the western liberal democracies, rather than correctly at the true bad actors in this world. And those same people are the ones who just love to hate the POTUS or any liberal thinker.

As I said in a previous post, Snowden, under all scenarios is a treasonous SOB. It was not his place to FRAC his country or security services. I am glad he is now under the thumb of the FSB, this is what he deserves.

And by the way, there is a big difference between Daniel Ellsberg and the Watergate coverup and the likes of Edward Snowden. Once again equate and conflate with apple and oranges.

Millions of your and mine nationals and relatives gave their lives over the last century to defend our definition of freedom and liberty, including those liberties each of us is living in. And yes, Russia was instrumental in those victories, notably in the 1940's. But they did not choose to leave the dark side after the victory of WW||. To question the validity of western freedoms by constantly bashing anything US, POTUS or supping for the anti totalitarian dictator, read Putin, is the height of naïveté. Do you really think any of us could long enjoy freedom after the bashing some regularly give out in narrative, if we were in China or Russia? Of course not. I take my chances just speaking out in this forum.

You would think Jay or Mr. Smith could have a come to Jesus moment about these issues. Instead, nothing Emanating out of the US or generally the West is up to snuff, in many reader/contributors eyes. Except possibly for Crazy Donald Trump, which some here really seem to bond with.

And happy Canada Day and Fourth of July to all of you free thinkers in the freest and yes, imperfect nations in the world. Let's be happy with what we have and work to better our unions and push totalitarians towards a more utopian approach.

I love and respect the Russian people, the Chinese people and everyone in between. The leaders and thinkers need to cultivate something different than hatred and delusions of grandeur by or about a people or any leaders, who,wish to limit or destroy our common freedoms.