Wednesday, July 6, 2016

South Korea Prepares To Ramp Up Its Propaganda Broadcasts To The North

DW: South Korea to double propaganda loudspeakers on border

Amid rising tensions, South Korea will double the number of loudspeakers on its heavily fortified border with North Korea. The broadcasts aim to inform Pyongyang's military about regime abuses, said a military official.

The South Korean Defense Ministry plans to expand its propaganda broadcasts blasted into North Korea by doubling the number of loudspeakers on its border, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported on Wednesday.

"We plan to add some 10 new anti-North loudspeaker broadcast facilities by the end of the year," an unnamed military official told the news agency.

Broadcasting across the border "aims to correctly inform the North Korean military and people of the reality that the Kim (Jong-Un) regime is misleading its people and hurting the economy by engaging in the dual policy of seeking nuclear and economic development at the same time," the official added.

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Update: S. Korea to ramp up border propaganda broadcasts to North: report (AFP)

WNU Editor: The North Koreans are responding .... North Korea threatens U.S. military bases in latest messages (UPI)


fred lapides said...

I was at that border in 1951. Sorry to say but I do not miss being there to hear the new loudspeakers.

B.Poster said...

Is such a move wise on the part of South Korea? I would say not. In a war, the North Koreans would win assuming the South Korea does not have US assistance. Even if South Korea had the full backing of the United States and its military, while it might take longer, North Korea would still win.

The best and only real hope really is to make the inevitable North Korean victory pyric enough that they would not consider invading South Korea in the first place. A proper military deployment by the South which the border is heavily fortified coupled with efforts to reduce tensions may be enough to avoid war here. In the mean time, American forces are caught in the middle of a Korean conflict.

This is extremely stupid decision making all the way around. Stupid on the part of America to allow our forces to be used as pawns in their power struggle and stupid on the part of South Korea to do something that would inflame tensions.

When faces with a more powerful adversary as South Korea is, part of the strategy involved in formulating a proper defense will be making your position secure enough that the enemy will consider it to costly to attack and to avoid policies that risk inflaming this enemy thus eliminating part of the enemy's incentive for attacking in the first place.

fazman said...

There is no chance north korea could beat south korea in a war let alone u.s and south korea.
Can they cause mass casualties yes can they win no.