Sunday, July 10, 2016

The British Military Will Allow Women To Serve In Close Combat Roles


The Independent: Women to fight in frontline combat roles in British military

David Cameron is set to lift a longstanding ban

A ban on women serving in frontline combat roles in the British armed forces is set to be lifted.

David Cameron is expected to announce the new policy at a Nato summit in Warsaw, according to sources cited by the BBC.

The change follows an 18-month review of the policy announced last year by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

The review looked into questions of whether women were physically strong enough to serve with the infantry on the frontline and whether their presence would undermine the cohesion and morale of fighting units.

The rule change comes amid reports of a recruitment crisis and undermanned army reserves.

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TWN said...

Have women all magically developed upper body strength, that's great this will be a great success, here you take spare Battery, and this can of 7.62, it's your turn to pull the toboggan, take these 2 empty gas cans up to the POL, yea this should be a raging success.

Bob Huntley said...

Hard to believe women want this after seeing vets come back with faces burned off and limbs missing. Hard to believe that women on the front line will go along with shooting innocents, especially children and other women. Certainly there are women who will fit the killer role but later when a draft is needed to fill the military a lot of really nice women will be put in that killer role. Not saying they can't adapt to it but sending in the women what next, the boy scouts?