Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Next U.S. President Will Have Limited Options In The Middle East

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, left, in Los Angeles May 5 and Republican candidate Donald Trump, right, in Eugene, Ore., on May 6. PHOTO: /LUCY NICHOLSON (LEFT) AND JIM URQUHART (RIGHT)/REUTERS

Joyce Karam, Al Arabiya: Next US President’s hands will be tied in Middle East

Waiting for the end of the Obama administration has become for many the harbinger for a new era in US policy in the Middle East. A closer look at regional events, however, show a much narrower room for Washington to navigate in order to the move the needle in regional diplomacy and conflict zones.

Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the next US President will be faced with new realities on the ground in Syria, in Iraq and in Yemen, that make any settlement proposals and promises on the campaign trail sound too ambitious.

The next White House resident will encounter a deeply divided region, more defiant leaders among friends and foes, on top of a full blown counterterrorism nightmare feeding off the chaos and political stagnation.

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WNU Editor: Keep the status quo or expand America's military footprint in the Middle East. Faced with these two options .... my guess is that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will choose the status quo.

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