Monday, July 18, 2016

The Turkey - NATO Alliance Is Going To change

James Stavridis, Foreign Policy: Turkey and NATO: What Comes Next Is Messy

With U.S. forces (and nuclear weapons*) housed at Incirlik Air Base, the relationship between Ankara and Washington is critical — and delicate.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the attempted coup in Turkey was that it had not already occurred. The obvious tensions between civil and military authorities have been a long-simmering witches’ brew in Turkey, dating back to the fall of the Ottoman Empire a century ago and continuing through multiple coup attempts over the past four decades.

Hundreds of senior admirals and generals were charged and jailed on suspect charges in the so-called Sledgehammer scandals of the 2000s, and the seeds of the current coup were planted when bitter military leaders watched their commanders and mentors be taken to prison in handcuffs.

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WNU Editor: After this failed coup .... I cannot help but think that after the purges have been completed, the Turkish military will be completely transformed into an institution that no one will be able to recognise. This is a troublesome development in view of the many obligations and commitments that Turkey has signed onto with NATO .... especially in the war against the Islamic State and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. But in view of what has happened .... it looks like the public mood in Turkey will not be accommodating towards the military, and demands for punishment coupled with reforms that will fundamentally transform the military will be the priority, and not Turkey's promises to NATO.

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