Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tweet For Today


Aizino Smith said...

Obama created this day phony protestations to the contrary.

In football that is a called a head fake.

To start Obama and the dishonorable AG Eric Holder refused to prosecute the rascists voter intimidators at Philly. It was caught on film. That has set the tone for his who administration.

Then there was Obama's Beer Summit. that was only belatedly done after he started taking criticism for his honest if intemperate remarks that the police "acted stupidly

Then Obama giddily stirred things up with Trayvon Martin followed by Ferguson.

I am glad that my kids did not have to share a campus with the Gentle Giant after I saw him grab the Minority store clerk by the throat to intimidate him after a little broad daylight robbery. Obama sent his Justice department quick reaction team to Ferguson to blame whitey and the police.

During this tome there were numerous assaults at the Minnesota state fair, Iowa state fair and Chicago lake front by gangs of blacks. The (In)justice department, the terds at the MSM were nowhere to be seen.

Then there are many other incidents such as Polar bear hunting. Nothing was done.

Obama owns this. He created this by omission and commission.

It was predicted almost 8 years ago that things would get worse.

Bill Clinton was the penultimate 60s child. Obama is the ultimate. It is all a lie from the Left.

RRH said...

Another message sent to us from Planet Obama.