Tuesday, July 26, 2016

U.S. Air Force Creates 'Space Mission Force' To Wage War From Space

The current SBSS satellite, the Block 10 pathfinder, was launched in 2010 and performs its mission from a sun-synchronous, low Earth orbit. A follow-on system is scheduled to launch in 2021. Credit: Boeing

Daily Mail: Top Guns in orbit: US Air Force reveals plan for 'Space Mission Force' to protect America using satellites

* Group will utilise existing satellites and weapons to 'operate as warfighters'
* Training wilol 'better prepare airmen to operate military satellites'

They could be a combination of Top Guns and Thunderbirds - protecting the Earth using swarms of smart satellites.

To be called Space Mission Force, the U.S. Air Force Space Command has revealed its plans for a new type of soldier.

The group will utilise existing satellites and weapons to 'operate as warfighters' in orbit.

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WNU Editor: the Americans are not the only ones who are militarising space .... Russia And China Sign Space Alliance To Threaten U.S. Supremacy, Target Military satellites (The Inquisitr).

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fazman said...

I hope putin realises that nearly everyone in star wars is Anerican!

Jay Farquharson said...

The Space Preservation Treaty was a proposed 2006 UN General Assembly resolution against all space weapons. Only the United States of America voted against the treaty, with Israel abstaining.[9]


The US drive to militarize space and deploy space weapons, has caused Russia and China to militarize as well. Even India is getting into "the Game". The Russian and Chinese program's arn't as elegant as the US's, but are just as effective.

BTW, fazman, Star Wars is just a movie, set in the distant future. If there ever is a US/Russia or US/China war, ( even if humans survive), the debris rings from the first 48 hours of the "Space War", will ensure us humans never go to space again.

fazman said...

It was a joke lol

Jay Farquharson said...

Sadly, it won't be if there is a war.