Monday, July 18, 2016

U.S. Reassures South Sudan That Troops Sent To South Sudan Will Only Be Used To Protect The U.S. Embassy And Civilians

Reuters: U.S. seeks to reassure South Sudan on troops sent to Juba

The United States is not taking any offensive military actions with the goal of destabilizing South Sudan, and is only sending a small contingent to assist its embassy in the country, which has been gripped by violence between rival troops, the State Department said on Sunday.

The United States wants to reassure the people and the government of South Sudan that it has no plans to target any government or military leaders or import special military equipment with the goal of destabilizing the nation, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner in a statement.

"Any suggestion that the United States has done so or will do so is false, baseless, and not in the interest of peace in South Sudan," he also said.

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Update: US deploys troops in South Sudan (New Vision)

WNU Editor: This contingent is too small to have an impact on the conflict in South Sudan, but the AU is now thinking of deploying military forces .... AU Ponders Sending Troops to South Sudan (East African).

Update #2: If troops are to be deployed, this is where they should be deployed .... Mass looting of aid in war-torn South Sudan (News24).

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