Friday, July 15, 2016

Videos On YouTube Capture The Horror On What Happened In Nice Today

Daily Mail: Horrifying footage captures the moment truck ploughs into screaming crowd in Nice after heroic motorcyclist throws himself on the vehicle and police open fire

* Videos show horrifying moment the lorry mows down a crowd of people
* The truck is seen hurtling into pedestrians watching fireworks in Nice
* At least 77 people have been killed and 50 injured during terrorist attack
* Witnesses claim the driver then got out and opened fire on pedestrians
* One Clip shows scenes of chaos as Bastille Day revellers run in terror
* Another shows heroic motorcyclist and police trying to stop the truck

This is the horrifying moment a lorry mows down a crowd of terrified pedestrians watching fireworks after a heroic motorcyclist flings himself onto the vehicle to try and stop the terrorist attack in Nice.

Footage from two different angles shows the truck ploughing into scores of revellers at roughly 40mph on Nice's Promenade du Paillon, killing at least 77 people and injuring 50.

In one a motorcyclist is seen desperately trying to stop the lorry before as it speeds up approaching thousands of people out celebrating Bastille Day in the port city.

Police officers are also seen running out of their car to fire at the terrorist before he reaches the crowd outside during the French national holiday.

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WNU Editor: I saw one video on the aftermath of tonight's attack .... the grief of those who survived staring in shock over the crushed bodies of loved ones is something that I am not going to forget for a long time. This attack .... on France's national holiday .... by what appears to be a lone wolf terrorist with Islamic leanings .... is (I predict) going to change French society in ways that many people are not going to feel comfortable with. There are also going to be political repercussions. This attack ... occurring only hours after French President Hollande had promised to end the emergency decree on July 26 .... tells me that the French President is clearly not up to the job.

Update: YouTube is now censoring many of the videos on today`s horrific attack in Nice.


fab z said...

I dont think it is fair to say he is not up to the job. Nobody in the world is up to the job of stopping lone wolf attacks from people who buy into islamic extremism bullshit. Weapons are available, legally or not, anywhere in the world and the same goes for a truck and internet access to learn the extremism BS.

This is a challenge to any democratic country,

War News Updates Editor said...

Fab Z. President Hollande has been one of the biggest advocates for open borders in France .... this policy (by him and by his predecessors) has now come back to bite them in the ass. I know a lot of people in France .... including in Cote DÀzur. They are all furious with what has happened tonight .... more so than what happened in the Paris attacks only a few months ago. They want the borders shut down, as well as those who advocate this BS on the web. And a politician like Hollande promising more troops and new laws is only going to get them angrier .... because they know that it does not work. As I had mentioned in my above commentary .... this is going to produce a backlash that many people are going to feel very uncomfortable with .... and if more attacks like this occur in the coming months .... only God knows where this is going to end.

RRH said...

It's about way more than open borders. It's about foreign policy. Most especially a foreign policy that creates failed states as breading grounds for Islamo-fascism. It's about laying in bed with the Saudis while they promote the worst brand of Islam on the planet. It's about supporting holding onto some of worst regimes on the planet like said Saudis, and Turkey, Qatar, etc. It's about allowing these people to open schools and mosques in the country to preach the most atrocious backward sermons.

You want to stop the enemy at the gates???? The enemy is INSIDE the gates. In fact, the enemy holds the keys.

Gabriel Bane said...

It's all like someone is out to cause massive instability throughout Europe. Brexit, non-stop terror attacks and civil discord. Now top it off with the French President calling for full mobilization of active and reserve military WITHIN their home country to combat terrorism. Sounds like France has once again become the melting pot of war. It could be that Hollande is apart of it but I believe that this call to action is going against the expectations of his peers and will ruffle some feathers... or he's just a straight up buffoon. I'm a little too high at the moment to be passing judgment. My sis was there. She lives in London but was visiting for the celebrations, luckily she was too far from the incident to see the carnage but she did see the truck from a distance when it all went down. She got herself out of there quick when she saw people running.

Anonymous said...

It's too late. The virus is already endemic in Europe. Closing the borders now may stop new recruits from coming in, but it won't reduce the huge pool that are already there. Europe has a history of dealing with ugly situations and it is often uglier.

Young Communist said...

RRH got right.

Also the economic crisis impact the whole world and many are caught in the middle of that imperialist clash of interests.
Wars, tension amid borders, rebellions, loss of work, emigration, slavery...

This include problem with non-collaborative intelligence services.