Monday, July 25, 2016

What happens If You Do Not Laugh At North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's Jokes?

All smiles: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un jokes with his general during a visit to a fish food factory

Daily Mail: That's a very funny joke boss! North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has his generals in stitches as Supreme Leader visits factory

* Communist dictator seemed a world away from reports of failing economy
* Switzerland has also implemented a UN ban on exporting luxury goods
* North Korea's leader is reportedly a fan of expensive Swiss watches
* The isolated country has also restarted coded radio broadcasts to its spies

North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un seemed a world away from worry as he visited a fish food factory, amid reports of a shrinking economy and a UN ban on the import of luxury goods.

The isolated country has also restarted coded radio broadcasts, presumed to be targeted at its spies, for the first time in 16 years, according to reports from South Korea.

The autocratic leader laughed and joked with his generals as he was taken around the factory, at an undisclosed location, earlier this week.

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WNU Editor: You better laugh at his jokes.

1 comment:

RRH said...

His generals always have the notepads out.

By the looks of it they not only laugh at his jokes, they write them down for later.

Dear Leader may crack jokes, but he can't beat our leaders at being a joke. Even if he looks like a giant baby.