Friday, July 8, 2016

What's My Take On the Dallas Police Massacre

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WNU Editor: I was not surprised by yesterday's massacre. Before the shootings .... the media coverage (at least from what I watched .... CNN, MSNBC, and Canada's CTV) .... was non-stop on the past two incidents of police officers killing two black suspects. The parade of activists, politicians, media pundits .... and pushing the racial narrative (even though stats consistently report that it is mostly Whites and Hispanics who are killed by police homicides .... not Blacks) was non-stop. So when this massacre occurred in Dallas .... it was not hard for me to understand why this murderer felt motivated to do what he did. The degree of racialized hatred in the black community .... even where I live in Montreal of all places .... is mouth dropping and completely under-reported by the media. And for police officers .... who must confront crime every day .... who must go into black communities where in many of these urban centers crime and murder are widespread .... and then be treated by groups like "Black Lives Matter", politicians, and by many in the media as the problem and not the solution .... I just throw my hands up in the air.

I have more to say on this topic .... but I am going to refrain for 24 hours .... I am going to let my brain respond and not my emotions. The above image is revealing .... being a police officer in America is a dangerous occupation.

Update: I hate it when I see tragedies being exploited politically .... case in point .... Jesse Jackson blames Donald Trump for Dallas .... 'It's a kind of anti-black mood': Reverend Jesse Jackson points the finger at Donald Trump and his followers for the rise of 'mean-spirited division' in America (Daily Mail). And here is another case of pushing the racial narrative .... Black driver wouldn't be dead if he were white, Minnesota governor says (CTV). To these people .... it's always about politics.

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Jay Farquharson said...

The Guardian and the LA Times are the only two groups documenting Police Shootings in the US,

Despite a DOJ finding that Police had to create and release a database.

According to the Guardian, in the area's where police shootings have occured in 2015, African American's amount to 7% of the population but 40% of the unarmed victims.

Havn't bern to the States since 2004, a trip to visit friends in Idaho and will never go back, based on a "traffic" stop there. Not worth dying.