Friday, July 1, 2016

White House Reveals Civilian Death Tolls From Drone And Air Strikes Outside War Zones

Washington Post: White House releases its count of civilian deaths in counterterrorism operations under Obama

The United States has inadvertently killed between 64 and 116 civilians in drone and other lethal air attacks against terrorism suspects in non-war zones, the Obama administration said Friday.

In releasing only aggregate figures that did not include when or where the strikes occurred, the administration shielded those claims from meaningful public scrutiny, even as it sought to bolster its own assertions about the accuracy and effectiveness of the operations.

Independent groups, whose own tracking of civilian deaths have produced far higher numbers, said they appreciated the administration’s effort. But they said it fell far short of President Obama’s repeated promises of greater transparency about his administration’s extraordinary reliance on armed drones in overseas counterterrorist operations.

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WNU editor: The sceptics on these numbers are now weighing in .... U.S. Counts Drone Kills and Comes Up Short, Rights Groups Say (Bloomberg)

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Jay Farquharson said...

"Perhaps the most interesting part of the report is this repeated language:

a summary of information provided to the DNI
The assessed range of non-combatant deaths provided to the DNI
The information that was provided to the DNI
based on the information provided to the DNI
according to information provided to the DNI
That is, the ODNI may be releasing this information. But they’re sure as hell not vouching for it. I find that particularly interesting given that, in May, I had to explain to ODNI that the National Security Letter numbers they were getting (and publishing in transparency reports) from FBI were probably unreliable.

These numbers don’t even, apparently, reflect the kind of rigor that would involve an outside agency reviewing the CIA’s numbers. Instead, the CIA (and presumably, in more limited cases, DOD) provided numbers to ODNI, and ODNI is — as ordered by the President — passing those numbers on.

At least you can be sure this isn’t terrorist propaganda."

War News Updates Editor said...

Jay. Thanks for the emptywheel link.
My next post is commentary, analysis, etc. on this drone report.
I will also add the emptywheel link.