Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Who Would Putin Vote For. Clinton Or Trump?

Nina Khrushcheva, CNN: Putin's Pick: Clinton or Trump?

(CNN)Russia's Vladimir Putin has been enjoying power for several decades now. From Bill Clinton in 1999 through to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in 2016, the Russian president has seen the relationship between two former superpowers transform from post Cold War jamboree to new Cold War acrimony.

In light of recent terror attacks, it is crucial to examine the political alliance the next American president will have to manage with Russia. Notably, one of the Istanbul attackers came from Russia and two others from former Soviet Union satellites, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Since Putin plans to stay in power until 2024, the future White House leader will have to engage with him -- particularly now in the global war on terrorism. Though Putin has repeatedly promised to "work with any U.S. president," he insists that Russia should be treated like an equal partner, and that the United States should not act from a position of strength and exclusivity -- a message the next American president should take to heart.

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WNU Editor: The CNN post is just a puff piece on why Putin would favour Clinton. As to what I am  hearing .... the last thing that Moscow wants is a continuation of the Obama Presidency, which is what will happen if Hillary Clinton is the President. And in regards to Donald Trump .... it is a wait and see position for many of the mandarins in Russia's FO and in the Kremlin.

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