Monday, July 25, 2016

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Vows More Email Dumps Featuring Hillary Clinton

WNU Editor: According to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange there will be more email dumps, but their focus will be on Hillary Clinton .... Democrat Scandal: Julian Assange Claims New Leaks Will Send Her To Prison Over Campaign To destroy Bernie Sanders (The Inquisitr).This is all being timed for maximum impact .... so do not be surprised if there are more emails posted online in the next day or two.


Bob Huntley said...

Will politicians ever learn to avoid emails?

B.Poster said...

"Will politicians ever learn to avoid emails?" I personally like emails. They provide a written record and they never go away. If one is doing what they are supposed to do, one's emails would/should serve to vindicate them.

If one is engaging in crooked dealings, it would seem emails should be avoided. It would appear that Mrs. Clinton has become so arrogant that she has become sloppy.

Prediction: Mrs. Clinton will be in prison for a VERY, VERY long time within the next three years. What ultimately will end up doing her in will be something petty. Think O. J. Simpson and the "payback" that came later. Hilary's fate will be similar. If I'm proven wrong, I will come here and admit it.

Bob Huntley said...

It was determined that a terrorist group communicated using emails that were never actually sent. All members had access to the same email account i.e., user name and password. Messages were prepared and left as drafts and responses if any were added to the draft. Before I had an email account I used the message function on an investment site to communicate with a friend.

I agree it is good there are trails and yes Clinton's arrogance has cost her deeply a good thing for the country. With her money it is surprising that she couldn't come up with a way to actually hide her especially secret communications within her circle. I bet following the FBI probe, many a politician, crook and wayward husband are looking into how they communicate.

Anonymous said...

her husband knows better and does not use email but she and her Cabal are too arrogant as they believe they are pre-ordained to reign.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

Hope you prediction come through but will take a lot for the goblin rogue Maosetonian devil and her legions of jellyfish brain Stockholm Syndrome followers to be defeated.