Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Will Canada Become The First Country To Ditch The F-35 Fighter Jet?

Lockheed Martin photo by Jonathan Case

Justin Ling, VICE News: Canada may become the first country to ditch the F-35 fighter jet

If newly-obtained documents are any indication, Canada may become the first country to scrap its order for the American F-35 fighter jet, the most expensive weapons program ever. Letters sent to the big industry players are just further evidence that the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to pull the trigger on a whole new open competition to pick Canada's next generation of fighter jet.

That competition will likely favour an out-of-the-box jet, over the expensive F-35.

Industry sources confirmed that the government set up meetings with big-name players in the aerospace industry in recent weeks to figure out its next steps in buying a new fighter jet — this, even though it's technically already on the hook to buy 65 of the F-35 Lightning II jets, manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

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WNU Editor: Probably not .... Did Canada Just Cancel Its Super Hornet Jet Buy From Boeing Because Of Pressure From Lockheed Martin? (July 25, 2016).

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