Monday, July 18, 2016

Will The Iranian Nuclear Deal Survive?

Robin Wright, New Yorker: Will The Iran Nuclear Deal Survive?

Last month, Boeing signed a landmark agreement with Iran to sell or lease a hundred and nine passenger jets. The mega-deal, worth at least twenty billion dollars, would be the largest sale of American goods to the Islamic Republic since the seizure of the U.S. Embassy, shortly after the 1979 Revolution. Iran Air badly needs new planes to modernize its fleet, which dates back to the Shah’s era. Iranians alternately joke and agonize about mechanical problems that plague the country’s aging aircraft, essential for travel in a country two and a half times the size of Texas.

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WNU editor: No one is happy with the deal. Iranian hardliners, many politicians in Washington, U.S. allies in the Middle East .... no one. But this deal will probably survive because of one reason .... money. And while the benefits have been slow to materialise, there are hundreds of billions of dollars now being negotiated, and opposition from Iranian hardliners, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, and certain politicians in Washington will not be enough to scuttle this deal.

Update: A discussion on the Iranian nuclear deal one year later .... Iran Nuclear Deal: Charlie Rose (Bloomberg).

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