Sunday, July 10, 2016

Will There Be Violent Protests At The Republican Convention?

1968 Democrat Convention riot

McCltachy News: Fears of violent protests mount as Republican convention nears

* Spate of violence at Donald Trump campaign events has raised security concerns
* Law enforcement officials have visited homes of local protest organizers to interview them
* More than 50,000 convention attendees, thousands of protesters are expected in Cleveland

RICHMOND, VA. Genevieve Walters wasn’t looking for violence but would have welcomed it.

Walters was among 100 protesters outside the Richmond Coliseum who angrily chanted expletives, stared down police and taunted supporters of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as they entered the arena for a rally last month.

As the protest shifted to the city’s streets, Walters tugged on a bandanna soaked with apple cider vinegar – an anti-tear-gas tool straight from the protester’s handbook – hoping that things would turn more confrontational.

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WNU Editor: Will there be violent protests at the Republican convention .... the media is feeding this  narrative so I will say yes. The world will also be watching, and what will happen at this convention (amd also the democrat convention) will not only impact domestic U.S. politics, but also international perceptions of a deeply divided U.S..

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