Wednesday, July 20, 2016

World News Briefs -- July 20, 2016

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan chairs a National Security Council (MGK) meeting at the presidential palace in Ankara, Turkey, July 20, 2016. Kayhan Ozer/Presidential Palace/Handout via REUTERS

Reuters: Turkey prepares emergency measures after post-coup purge

Turkey will announce emergency measures on Wednesday to try to shore up stability and prevent damage to the economy as it purges thousands of members of the security forces, judiciary, civil service and academia after an abortive coup.

One of the ruling AK Party's most senior figures, Mustafa Sentop, a close ally of President Tayyip Erdogan, said the constitution allowed for a state of emergency to be declared, though he said he did not know if such a step would be taken.

Speaking live on broadcaster NTV, he said any state of emergency would last up to six months and would not affect citizens' lives. He also called for the restoration of the death penalty for crimes aimed at changing the constitutional order.

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Turkey coup attempt: Charges laid against 99 generals and admirals
Turkey coup attempt: Crackdown toll passes 50,000

All Turkish academics banned from traveling abroad amidst widening post-coup purge.

Turkish jets strike rebels in Iraq following failed coup.

Mosul assault in focus two years after Islamic State takeover.

Yemen explosion kills four soldiers: security forces.

Israeli official warns West against embracing Iran.

Knesset passes MP-expulsion law.


No retreat from Asia pivot regardless of who wins U.S. presidency: Biden.

U.S. says its forces will keep operating in South China Sea.

Taliban attacks threaten disputed Afghan district center.

North Korea is criticised by South Korea for 'spy broadcasts'.

Myanmar military admits soldiers killed five people, says will prosecute.

Indian lawmakers in uproar over attacks on lower castes.

Taiwan fishermen pack flags, noodles, set sail for disputed South China Sea 'island'.

Swiss prosecutors file charges against alleged Tamil Tiger fundraisers.


France confirms three soldiers killed in Libya. Libya attack: French soldiers killed in Benghazi helicopter crash

Dozens killed, missing in Kenya crackdown on militants: HRW.

Armed groups kill 17 soldiers at Mali base. Militants kill 17 soldiers at military base in Mali.

Lord's Resistance Army kidnappings hit six-year high: monitors.

DRC: Rebels kill at least 10 in troubled eastern region.

Tunisia stops militant cell plotting attacks in Sousse: interior ministry.

Mugabe's supporters march against Zimbabwe protests. Tens of thousands rally to support Zimbabwe's Mugabe.


Brexit: Angela Merkel insists Article 50 must be triggered before Brexit talks despite Theresa May stance. Brexit: Theresa May says talks won't start in 2016.

Ukraine journalist Pavel Sheremet killed in Kiev car bombing.

Germany's first attack by radicalised asylum seeker alarms officials. German train stabbing: De Maiziere warns of lone attacks.

Russia doping: IOC exploring 'legal options' over possibility of blanket ban from Rio 2016 Olympics.

France says west plans strike on Islamic State in Iraq, confirms Libya presence.

France says state of emergency not meant to be permanent. France to extend state of emergency for six months. French lawmakers extend state of emergency after Nice attack.

Smokers fume as France mulls ban on 'too cool' Gitanes and Gauloises.


Beating rivals and the odds, Trump captures Republican nomination.

Venezuela: Former Chavez allies join opposition's push to recall President Maduro.

Hungry Venezuelans cry at the sight of food, as economic crisis deepens.

Half of Brazilians opposed to hosting Olympics just weeks before event: poll.

Colombia to press for open border with Venezuela after food queues.

Visa row between Chile, Bolivia.

Mexican state fires state investigators in army slayings.

WhatsApp in Brazil back in action after suspension.

Unusual US Zika virus case baffles experts.


Al-Nusra Front improving military capacity - US anti-Daesh coalition envoy.

30 Defense Ministers converge on Joint Base Andrews.

Terrorists killed 151, injured over 360 people in EU in 2016. Record number of EU terror attacks recorded in 2015.

Anti-IS coalition has killed 20 operators plotting external attacks: Carter.


Christie’s sees art sales fall 27% in first half of 2016.

Smashed iPhones latest in South China Sea spat.

U.S. charges two HSBC executives over forex-related scheme.

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