Saturday, July 23, 2016

Zimbabwe War Veterans Turn On 'Dictator' Mugabe

Reuters: Zimbabwe threatens "traitorous" war veterans after Mugabe attack

Zimbabwe's government denounced leading independence war veterans as traitors on Saturday for an unprecedented attack on ageing President Robert Mugabe and vowed to identify its unnamed authors and put them on trial.

Veterans who fought against white minority rule in the former British colony turned on their long-time ally and commander on Thursday, calling him a dictator in a jolting rebuke highlighting political maneuvering over his succession and mounting anger over economic woes.

Mugabe abruptly canceled a hastily arranged news conference on Friday evening meant to respond to the veterans.

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WNU Editor: After over 40 years of misrule .... these war veterans have finally "seen the light"?!?!? I am sceptical, and (not surprising) after reading the above Reuters post .... their ire is more directed at Mugabe's wife and not on him and the policies that have destroyed the economy in Zimbabwe. But there is a new protest movement now growing in Zimbabwe, and it appears that the people who have ruled that country for decades are now running scare.

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