Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Look At Where Clinton And Trump Stand On Russia

Damien Sharkov, Newsweek: Where Do Clinton and Trump Stand on Russia?

Would either shoot down an approaching Russian jet?

“Is Donald Trump really a wannabe mole for the Kremlin?” one of the headlines of Russia’s main pro-government tabloids reads on Friday. “No wonder two of his wives are from our kind, beautiful, slavic,” Komsomolskaya Pravda declared, referring to Trump’s Czech-American ex-wife Ivana Trump and Slovenian-born current wife Melania Trump.

While the headline is meant to be humorous and the article is written with the kind of bombastic punctuation one could also find on a circus poster (there were at least 33 exclamation marks in the text), speculation about the U.S. presidential candidates’ existing or potential relationships with Russia has increased as the November vote nears. Here are a few key positions that the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton and the Republican Party’s Donald Trump have taken on Russia in the past.

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WNU Editor: This is a brief but fair analysis on the positions that Clinton and Trump have on Russia. As to what is the Kremlin's view of the two .... I know that Clinton comparing Putin to Hitler did not go over well, and it is a remark that Putin will never forget (or forgive unless she apologises to him personally .... which she will never do). As for Trump .... Putin loves money and he respects the men who have it, and Trump has it. But will both men find common ground on positions and policies .... on the big issue .... preventing a new Cold War .... the perception is that they will work together to prevent it .... unlike Hillary Clinton where the perception is that she will inflame it. If Putin voices support for Trump .... this will be the primary reason why.

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Jac said...

Hillary has permanently her hands on the guns, Trump has negotiate all his life, even hard, and an agreement is always at the bottom line.
The choice is quickly done.