Friday, August 5, 2016

A New U.S. Army 'Light' Tank?

U.S. Light Tank, M3A1 (Stuart)-British. Wikipedia

DoD Buzz: Army to Meet with Firms Interested in Developing New Light Tank

The U.S. Army plans to meet next week with firms to discuss the idea of developing a new light armored vehicle with mobile protected firepower.

The Army plans to hold a so-called industry day on Tuesday at Fort Benning in Georgia to discuss the requirements for such a vehicle, essentially a light tank, in the areas of lethality, mobility, protection, transportability, sustainability, energy and cyber, according to a statement released on Thursday from the service.

The MPF program “will be a lightweight combat vehicle that provides the Infantry Brigade Combat Team long range, precision direct fire capability that ensures freedom of movement and action during joint expeditionary maneuver and joint combined arms operations,” according to the statement.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. Army is in the "discussion" phase .... this tells me that we are probably years (if not a decade or two) away from having such a tank deployed.

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