Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Are The Generals Taking Over Venezuela?

Venezuelan President Maduro. Photo from The Namabian

Raul Stolk, Daily Beast: Venezuela’s High Profile Coke Traffickers and Low Profile Coup

As international law enforcement focuses on the Venezuelan government’s drug connections, the U.S. indicts a top general and Maduro promotes him.

It’s been a couple of tough weeks for the Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro. First, court documents in the U.S. revealed alleged confessions by the infamous nephews of Maduro's First Lady, who are being held on drug related charges in New York. They showed how the two young men planned an 800-kilo cocaine deal, and it looks like the trial may expose a whole network of public officials.

To make an ugly case even uglier, court documents also showed two of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency informants involved were murdered soon after the nephews were arrested last November.

Then, on Monday the U.S. Justice Department announced the indictment of two former top officials of the ONA, the Venezuelan anti-narcotics agency. Maj. Gen. Néstor Reverol, one of the officers indicted, was also head of the Venezuelan National Guard until a month ago.

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WNU Editor: Talk about making your pact with the Devil. When the military is your last hope for remaining power, it tells me that your days are numbered. For Venezuelan President Maduro .... the clock is now ticking.

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Matthew Dupuis said...

When Venezuela implodes the U.S. will be dealing with a refugee crisis similar to what Europe is dealing with... And we've all seen how barbaric and violent drug cartels can be.