Monday, August 22, 2016

Bolivia Opens A New Military Academy To Counter U.S. Foreign Policies

VICE News: Bolivia opens new military academy to combat US 'imperial oppression'

Bolivia's President Evo Morales has inaugurated a military academy he promised will help push back US imperialism in Latin America and the world.

"While the empire's military schools teach how to dominate the world, this school will help us learn to free ourselves from imperial oppression," Morales told soldiers gathered at the school for the opening ceremony on Wednesday. "We'll be a school for the defense of the people, and not the empire."

According to the Bolivian newspaper Página Siete, the institution's "anti-imperialism" diploma will be a mandatory requirement for promotion to the rank of captain within the Bolivian army.

President Morales said the School of the Anti-Imperialist Commando, located in the eastern Bolivian town of Warnes, will begin work with 100 pupils and will be open to soldiers from other Latin American countries.

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WNU Editor: Today's young are more focused on social media, travel, and enjoying a good life. Joining a military academy that promotes anti-imperialism and anti-U.S. policies .... that is now on the bottom of their list .... Bolivia included.

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Anonymous said...

How many in Bolivia do you think can afford to travel and live a good life? For the poor majority this will probobly be an attractive alternative.