Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Both Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Have No Idea On How To Deal With Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with members of his Security Council amid heightened tensions with Ukraine over Crimea. 11 August 2016. Sputnik/Kremlin/Alexei Druzhinin/via REUTERS

Matthew Rojansky, Foreign Policy: Trump and Clinton Have No Idea How to Deal With Putin

Murky links to Moscow and speculation of Kremlin interference have dominated the U.S. election. So how come neither candidate has a coherent Russia policy?

The degree to which Russia has taken center stage in the U.S. presidential election hasn’t been seen since the height of the Cold War. Whether it’s the strange and disturbing details of an apparent Kremlin-sponsored Democratic National Committee email hack or the Donald Trump campaign’s curious and convoluted links to the former Soviet region, Russia and its strongman president Vladimir Putin have emerged as a top U.S. national security concern. But so far, polarizing campaign rhetoric and media sensationalism have largely overshadowed all this attention on Russia.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. has not had a coherent policy towards Russia for years .... and I expect Hillary Clinton will continue this status quo should she occupy the White House. As for Donald Trump .... I honestly do not know what he will do .... and I suspect neither does he. But even if he wins the White House, there are too many vested interests who want to keep the status quo when it comes to relations with Russia .... and I have doubts that Donald Trump will resist these interest groups when "push comes to shove".

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jimbrown said...

I tire of the Russo-files endless griping about how we just don't understand mother Russia. Putin doesn't exactly get the award for being a predictable leader. He seems to be constantly shooting himself in the foot, initiating invasions he can't afford and making enemies with those who could easily be his friends. No. Dammit we're Russians and we are unpredictable. That's what makes us so darn adorable. Whatever. Just keep your finger off the nukes.