Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Both Russia And The U.S. Are Taking Credit For The Death Of The Islamic State's #2 In An Air Strike

BBC: IS leader Adnani: Russia says its air strike killed him

A Russian air strike in Syria killed the chief strategist of so-called Islamic State (IS), the defence ministry in Moscow has said.

The Amaq news agency, linked to IS, earlier acknowledged that Abu Muhammad al-Adnani had died in Aleppo province.

Russia says Adnani died on Tuesday in a Su-34 bomber raid on Umm Hawsh village.

The US said earlier that its planes had targeted Adnani in al-Bab city, but that it was "still assessing results".

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WNU Editor: Russia is claiming that they killed him .... but the U.S. is also making the same claim .... Islamic State spokesman and strategist killed in Syria by U.S. airstrike (Washington Times).

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