Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Brazil Impeachment Trial: Rousseff Defends Her Record

Daily Mail: 'Brazil is on the brink of a coup', says suspended president Rousseff as she faces impeachment judgement day as her supporters riot in the streets

* The Senate will vote on whether to depose Brazil's first female president
* She confronted her accusers in a marathon hearing on Monday
* 'We are one step away from a genuine coup d'etat,' Dilma Rouseff said
* She is accused of having taken illegal state loans to patch budget holes
* Her supporters have lit fires and rioted in the streets

Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff faces judgement on Tuesday in a Senate vote expected to remove her from office despite her dramatic claim of being the victim of a coup.

The country's first female president confronted her accusers in a marathon session on Monday, telling the Senate that she is innocent and warning that the Brazilian democracy is in danger.

'We are one step away from a grave institutional breakdown, a genuine coup d'etat,' she said.

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WNU Editor: Her days are numbered .... but her possible replacements are having their own problems .... 3 men in line for Brazilian presidency accused of corruption (AP)

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Young Communist said...

This is a "white coup", part of the war of U.S. against the BRICS.

Accusing a leader to be a corrupted one, only to replace him with more corrupted, but more friendly, others. Pff...