Monday, August 8, 2016

British Special Forces Pictured For The First Time On The Front Line In Syria

BBC: UK special forces pictured on the ground in Syria

The BBC has obtained exclusive pictures showing for the first time British special forces operating on the ground in Syria.

It is the vehicles that first stand out. The open air, Thalab long range patrol vehicles are built for harsh terrain and are favoured by special forces.

In this case it is British special forces, seen for the first time on the ground, inside Syria, in photographs obtained by the BBC.

The pictures, which date from June, follow an attack by the so-called Islamic State (IS) on the moderate rebel New Syrian Army base of Al Tanaf on the Syria-Iraq border. The British soldiers appear to be securing the base's perimeter.

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Update #2: The elite UK force waging secret ground war in Syria: Footage shows troops armed with heavy machine guns defend Syrian rebel base against ISIS for the first time (Daily Mail)
Update #3: Elite SAS troops pictured on Syrian front line fighting ISIS jihadis for first time (Mirror)

WNU Editor: These pictures are from June .... I can only imagine that as the fight intensifies, more forces will be deployed.

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