Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chemical Attack Reported In Syria Near The Location Where A Russian Helicopter Was Shot Down Yesterday

A still image taken on August 2, 2016 from a video said to be taken on August 1, 2016 posted on social media shows two men standing over a man on a bed, making him sit up as he breathes through a mask in what is said to be in Saraqeb, Idlib province, Syria. Social Media/Handout via Reuters Tv

BBC: Syrian conflict: Saraqeb 'attacked with chlorine gas'

Barrels suspected to contain chlorine gas have been dropped on a town in Syria, a doctor and rescuers have said.

It is not clear who was responsible.

The attack took place in Saraqeb in Idlib province, near where a Russian military transport helicopter was shot down by rebels hours earlier.

About 30 people, mostly women and children, have been affected. Chlorine gas can cause victims to become short of breath and to foam blood from the mouth.

Both sides in Syria's civil war have been accused of, and denied, using chemical agents.

A Russian military helicopter was shot down near Saraqeb on Monday, killing five crew. It is not clear who brought it down.

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WNU Editor: This sounds like pay-back for this .... Body of Russian pilot is dragged through the dirt and stamped on after helicopter is shot down by Syrian rebels - but why does ID card found in wreckage show a blonde woman? (Daily Mail)

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That guy jumping up and down on the body is a dead man walking. Modern media is a two edged sword, hey look I can prove I was there, look at the video...oh shite, I'm dead!