Sunday, August 14, 2016

China Claims To Be Making Strides in Hypersonic Technology

China is reportedly developing a hypersonic aircraft (pictured) capable of carrying those on board into low Earth orbit. The move could drastically reduce the cost of space travel, it is claimed

Daily Mail: China is developing a hypersonic jet: Planned space plane could drastically cut the cost of space travel

* Plans for a hypersonic space plane were discussed on broadcaster CCTV
* It would take off and land on an airstrip, using advanced hybrid engines
* State aerospace firm CASTC aims to deliver a working plane by 2030

China is developing a hypersonic aircraft to take pilots, and perhaps even passengers, to the edge of space.

A state aerospace firm has reportedly begun research on an aircraft capable of taking off from a runway and carrying a crew into low Earth orbit.

The design is purported to be a more efficient successor to Nasa’s Space Shuttle, which was launched on a rocket but landed on a runway.

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WNU editor: China is still far away from making this technology viable.

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