Monday, August 22, 2016

China Tells Japan That There Is A 'Red Line' On The South China Sea Dispute

Warships of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force(Photo: JMSDF)

Forbes: China Sets A "Red Line" For Japan In South China Sea

China is prepared to do whatever it takes to write its own navigation rules in South China Sea, including the setting of “red lines” for neighborhood countries. Back in June, for instance, China warned Japan “not send Self-Defense Forces to join U.S. operations that test the freedom of navigation in the disputed South China Sea,” according to a Japan Times editorial.

Japan seems to be defiant of China’s warning. “The Japanese government has no plans to join the freedom of navigation operations, in which the United States since October has sent warships near artificial islands that China has built in the South China Sea” explains the same editorial. “But it has left room for sending SDF ships to the disputed waters to protect U.S. ships under new security laws that have expanded SDF roles overseas.”

What will China do in that case? Will it take military action?

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WNU Editor: I think China means it.

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TWN said...

It a real interesting time in which we live.

the objective voice said...

Doubt Japan will react with direct military fire. I still assume it will send merchant vessels to harass and cause collisions with the Japanese to cause a situation where they can fire and claim a defensive response. Possibly intentionally interference with navagation with mitary vessels. Either way, this is coming to a head.