Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Colombia Government And FARC Rebels On The Verge To Announce Peace Deal


Wall Street Journal: Colombia Reaches Tentative Peace Deal With FARC Rebels

A half-century of conflict has left more than 200,000 dead.

BOGOTÁ, Colombia—Peace talks between the Colombian government and Marxist rebels have concluded successfully after nearly four years of contentious discussions to end a half-century of conflict that has cost more than 200,000 lives, people familiar with the talks said Wednesday.

Negotiations that began in November 2012 in Havana ended Tuesday night with both sides putting the finishing touches on a pact. President Juan Manuel Santos will present details to Congress, the people said, and then request electoral authorities to organize a nonbinding referendum to ask Colombians if they approve of the deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a group that took up arms against the state in 1964.

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Aizino Smith said...

The nth peace deal!

What is the problem? It is no fun anymore? FARC can't kidnap enough girls to work as child sex slaves?