Monday, August 1, 2016

Did Former NATO Commander Breedlove's Office Help To Fuel The Ukraine War

Former NATO Supreme Allied Comander Europe Philip Breedlove at a press conference in 2015. AFP

Spiegel Online: Dangerous Propaganda: Network Close To NATO Military Leader Fueled Ukraine Conflict

Working with dubious sourcing, a group close to NATO's chief military commander Philip Breedlove sought to secure weapons deliveries for Ukraine, a trove of newly released emails revealed. The efforts served to intensify the conflict between the West and Russia.

In private, the general likes to wear leather. Philip Mark Breedlove, 60, is a well-known Harley-Davidson fan, and up until a few weeks ago, he also served as the commander of NATO and American troops in Europe. Even during his tenure as the military leader of the alliance, the American four-star general would trade his blue Air Force uniform for motorcycle gear and explore Europe's roads with his friends.

Photos show a man with broad shoulders, a wide gait and an even wider smile. The pictures of the general's motorcycle tours were recently made public on the online platform DC Leaks. Restraint, it seems, was never Breedlove's thing.

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WNU Editor: This story refuses to die (and justifiably so). It has been making the rounds from one country to the next for the past two months .... and I guess it is Germany's turn this week.


RRH said...

What IS it with the Harley crowd anyway?

Jay Farquharson said...

What IS it with the Leather Crowd anyway?

Aizino Smith said...

Is it the light blue uniforms (UN, Air Force, ...) or the fact he is a noncombat zoomie?