Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Donald Trump Travels To Mexico To Visit Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

FOX News: Trump to visit Mexico, meet with Pena Nieto ahead of immigration speech

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to detour from the campaign trail on Wednesday to visit Mexico and meet with President Enrique Pena Nieto at his invitation, a surprise trip scheduled just hours before Trump delivers an immigration policy speech in Arizona.

Nieto and Trump each confirmed late Tuesday that Trump accepted the invitation and the two would meet in private Wednesday.

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told Fox News the two would discuss illegal immigration, trade and drugs. Trump running mate Mike Pence also said they would begin a conversation about a proposed border wall, along with other issues.

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WNU Editor: Talk about taking over the news cycle .... Hillary Clinton is no where to be seen. She has been invited to visit the Mexican President, but no word from her campaign on this invitation (so far).

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Anonymous said...

Mexico love Mr Donald Trump viva Trump America President ������������

Anonymous said...

If Trump could dribble a soccer ball his popularity in Mexico would 2%.

B.Poster said...

When Mr. Trump secured the Republican nomination, I predicted he would be the next POTUS. This cannot be prevented and all foregin leaders wishing to work constructively with the United States need to undrrstand this and act accordingly.

While I am now less certain of the prediction than I was at that time, the prediction remains unchanged. At the time, I had assumed 1.)"never Trump" personnel and Republican leaders would do what sane people do when faced with two unpalatable choices. Grit one's teeth, swallow hard, and take the least unpalatable choice, in this case Mr. Trump. 2.) Mr. Trump and his team would develop a formidable get out the vote organization and 3.) he would learn to control his tongue.

While there has been nominal improvement on 3 of late, 1 and 2 still lag way behind. Had I had known Mr Trump would still be having trouble in early September with these areas I would have expected him to be behind by 40 points or so in the polls yet, while Mrs. Clinton currently leads, the race is still within striking distance with much time to go hence the prediction of a Trump victory is unchanged.

By inviting Mr. Trump to Mexico, the Mexican president appears to grasp there is a real possibility that Mr. Trump could be the next POTUS. Furthermore he recognizes under a Trump Administration America is going to need to be respected. For many years America has been disrespected and abused by Mexico. This will need to change.

Additionally he understands that even if Mr. Trump loses the American people are waking up to this and this may not be the last time that Americans demand change. As such, he has concluded now might be a good time to open a dialogue to address issues that affect both countries.

If these two leaders can develop a constructive workkng relationship, this woukd be exciting. Perhaps, at sone point, NAFTA could be renegotiated. If he's going to invite Mr. Trump, he's got to invite Mrs. Clinton. To not do so would be bad optics.