Sunday, August 21, 2016

Editor's Note

I am still on vacation, and I will post when I can. Otherwise .... blogging will be light until I get back this Monday (August 22, 2016).

Update Sunday, April 21, 21:00 EST: Just got back home from my brief trip to Russia to visit family and friends. Reading up on what is happening around the world right now. Will be posting in a few hours. Will also discuss on what I learned on my trip, what is happening in Russia right now, and how this will impact all of us. But for now .... I am just reading up on the news .... and I am trying to shake my jet lag. The GF is another story .... this was her first major trip abroad .... and she is still bouncing all over the place wanting to do another one. Sheeesshhhh ....

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Alex said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, as we are all hungry from more war news.

Hopefully her positivity will rub off on you a bit and reinvigorate the seasoned traveler.