Wednesday, August 24, 2016

France Is At War In Yemen


War Is Boring: France Is at War in Yemen, Photos Indicate

Satellite imagery underscores Paris’ role in the under-reported conflict.

Satellite imagery suggests that French war materiel, if not French personnel, is supporting the Saudi-led war in Yemen. If confirmed, it represents a previously unreported escalation of French support.

The satellite imagery, some of which Google Earth published recently, shows two unique hangars deployed on an expanded parking apron at the Eritrean airport of Assab. The hangars match those of other known French deployments.

How they ended up at the airport remains an interesting question. Given recent developments between France and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, it appears France is deepening its relationship with the region in a substantive way.

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WNU Editor: This is another story that is being completely under-reported in the West. As for the French .... they have been strongly supportive of the Saudi campaign in Yemen since the beginning .... France voices support for Saudi campaign in Yemen (France 24).

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