Monday, August 1, 2016

Is Donald Trump Correct When He Says That Retired Gen. John Allen Was A Failure?

ABC News: Clinton: Trump's Comments on Gen. Allen 'Prove' He Should Not Be Commander-in-Chief

Hillary Clinton on Saturday ripped into Donald Trump for his critique of retired four-star Gen. John Allen, saying it's unpresidential to "insult and deride our generals."

"Just yesterday, he went after retired Gen. John Allen who commanded our troops in Afghanistan. General Allen is a distinguished Marine, a hero and a patriot," the Democratic nominee said during a stop on her bus tour at a manufacturing business in Johnstown. "Donald Trump called him a failed general. Why? Because he does not believe Donald Trump should be commander in chief.

"Well I’d say that proves it," she continued. "Our commander in chief shouldn't insult and deride our generals, retired or otherwise. That really should go without saying, but I'm going to respond on behalf of General Allen to those kinds of insults."

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WNU Editor: You can tell that these remarks by Donald Trump got under the skin of ret. General John Allen yesterday .... Former Top Commander Of U.S. Forces In Afghanistan: Electing Donald Trump Could Result In ‘Civil Military Crisis’


jimbrown said...

Maybe General Allen believes his spot is not secure in the military industrial complex. Trump has said the pentagon is another target for cleaning up graft and corruption.

B.Poster said...

JB: You may be spot on. He has clearly stated correctly that the military needs to be rebuilt to be an effective fighting force on the modern battlefield. In order to do this, the top brass in the military will clearly have to be purged. As to who can remain or is General Allen a "failure," I cannot say. At this point, I do not know the answer to that. As said, clearly the top leadership is going to need to be purged but does this apply to General Allen? Probably, but again I don't know.