Thursday, August 18, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton's Health An Important Issue In This Presidential Campaign?

The Hill: Trump makes claims on Clinton's health

Donald Trump is raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s health as he grapples with low poll numbers and the reverberations from several controversies.

In a speech discussing terrorism on Monday, Trump alleged that Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Trump also alluded to a purported lack of vigor on Clinton’s part last week, when he said that her speeches “don’t last long. They’re like 10 minutes and let’s get out of here."

“Go back home and go to sleep,” the GOP presidential nominee continued. “Three days later, she gets back up and does another one and goes back home and goes to sleep.”

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WNU Editor: Does she get tired .... the answer appears to be yes .... REST TIME? No more public events for Hillary until Sunday (The American Mirror). Does she need support when she sits down .... the answer also appears to be yes .... MUST SEE: Photos of Hillary Clinton Propped Up on Pillows (Heat Street). Is she still experiencing side effects from her concussion a few years ago .... maybe .... maybe not. Is this an important issue .... to me it is not, but to others yes. Will this impact the election .... only if she is caught on video falling down for no reason and/or she suffers (for more than 10 seconds) what I call a brain freeze .... where she is physically there but her mind is not (my father suffered a stroke .... and this was something that I had to deal with on and off until he passed away a few years later).


TWN said...

No the Corruption of Her and her Rapist husband is more important.

B.Poster said...

This is a very important issue. If the limited reporting that has been done on her health is even 5% accurate, she will be unable to complete her first term as POTUS as these types of health issues will only get worse in the absence of some type of Divine intervention. She might get better and the Red Sea could part. It's best not to base policy on such things. As such, her health issues will not allow her to finish her first term much less a second term.

Her VP will need to finish out her term should she be elected. As I understand she has selected Tim Kaine. What is known about him? Has he been vetted? Should she be elected, he is going to have finish out her term. As such, he would be assuming a role that a VP typically does not assume. Anyone voting for her would be voting essentially for co presidents as him needing to finish out her term is a mere formality.

Even in the unlikely event her health issues do not end her presidency, she is going to be facing prison time. (I've discussed this here and elsewhere before. It'll ultimately be something petty that does her in. Think O' J' Simpson.) Either way she will be unable to finish her term. Given the enormous problems the US already has, is it wise to elect "damaged goods" to such an important position and put the country through even more instability as a POTUS has to be replaced either because of health issues or criminal indictment and ultimate conviction whereby she serves a prison sentence that is very lengthy in terms of the conviction. If there's a bright side for her, she won't have to be there very long as her health issues mean she has little time to live.

In the face of all of this, she continues to run. This adds further confirmation to the enormous body of evidence that I've already discussed here and elsewhere that this woman and those around her are pathologically insane.

In the face of all of this, a sane person would be making a behind the scenes deal with top government officials whereby they retire quietly, relinquish control of the Clinton Foundation, relinquish most of their money being allowed to keep say $10,000,000 and go away into obscurity never to be heard from again. Her next step would be to get on hospice and be allowed to die peacefully. She certainly has the clout to negotiate this. Furthermore, if a private corporation had an officer with her health issues, this officer would be forced to resign and be placed on some type of disability and this would be expected for the good of the organization. This same principle would apply if the officer faced the legal issues Mrs. Clinton faces.

Unfortunately for America and possibly much of the world as much of the world looks to America for leadership for better or worse Mr. Clinton and her aides are pathologically insane. I have to believe that many in the world are silently hoping for a Trump presidency even with the uncertainty it may bring. This is a very important issue. Unfortunately, should she be elected, no one seems to have even remotely begun to prepare for the dire consequences electing this person will entail.

Anonymous said...

well put B.Poster, so she takes a nap for 96 hours ,if ww3 kicks off and it will ,if shes elected oh sorry rigged it to win, nothing more than war mongerer and her husband billy destroyed yugoslavia clinton

Anonymous said...

She more tacos from her women's lover

Jay Farquharson said...

>>According to the article in Breitbart, “The executive director of a physicians’ organization questions how the mainstream media can ignore signs of what could be a traumatic brain injury in the Democrat nominee for president.”

Wow, that sounds serious. And from someone who heads a “physicians’ organization.” That person must be running the American Medical Association. Or maybe they head the American Neurological Association, because they mentioned traumatic brain injury.

That would be no.

The person behind this trope is Dr. Jane Orient, who has some official position with the physician organization, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). She is also the managing editor of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (JAPANDS), published by AAPS. The journal does not have an impact factor, and does not appear to be indexed in PubMed.<<

Best US Election ever, with the inmates running the Asylum, the Crazy ramped up to 11, and the Joker laughing in the hallways.

On the Right, Killary, with a body count over 80, is medically unfit to be President, and is "owned" by Saudi Arabia.

On the Left, Trump is a paid for Putin Agent.

For part of the right, NeverTrump is running wild, while the crazy right still cling to The Donald being a Democrat Terminator sent from the future to destroy the Republican Party.

Everybody and their dog, including the NSA's been hacked, and rather than go home and run election campaigns and face the voters, the Republicans have decided to stay in Washington, not to deal with the Zika Epidemic, Louisianna Flooding, California wildfires, nope,

Their 8th in a row multimillion dollar "nothingburger" investigation into Killary's emails.

Best Election ever.

RRH said...

Yup Jay,

with side narratives of "moderate" head chopping damsels in distress, eastern European hysterical head cases in need of "protection", and the evil Red Chinese Dragon bent on setting the near/far east and China Sea on fire... Cuz that's what red dragons do. While "partners" by the name of Al Saud are shoveled weapons hand over fist to "liberate" Yemenis from their sovereignty. Hold the petitions. Yemeni lives, let alone those of their kids, don't matter.

Where is Yemen anyway?

No matter, don't tread on me.

The crazy is wide open for all to sea. There's not even the likes of a Dick Darth Vader Cheney to scare people into at least pretending they have some sense. No Madeline "worth it" Albright or Condi "be constructive" Rice to provide a dignified air to the Triumph of the will redux.

Nope. Just "we came, we saw, he died" or "take their oil" for Prez. A Jethro sized Combo of full on, pedal to the medal, Coco bananas -with cookies- batshit crazy.

I never thought America could beat the likes of Nazi Ukraine, for pulling down their pants and baring their ass to the world.

Best election ever.

Jay Farquharson said...

Yup, I'm going through 4 bowls of popcorn a day.

Way better than Game of Thrones or even Twin Peaks.

B.Poster said...

Jay and RRH,

It's interesting that you seem to think this is funny. America's survival is at stake. I'm glad you can find humor in this. Perhaps this is why Americans of all levels generally admire and revere Canadians aspiring to be more like them if only it were possible.

As for Mrs. Clinton's health, this appears to be a case of team Clinton and media allies attacking the messenger. I have family members and friends in the medical profession and have seen some of the videos. They've expressed considerable skepticism as to the claim that she is in good health.

The bottom line is she is not going to be able to finish her term either because of her health, being indicted and sent to prison, or worse should Russia and China intervene to finish America off once and for all. As such, it seems unwise to take a chance on such damaged goods as Mrs. Clinton as POTUS.

This is NOT an endorsement for Trump per say because he is "good." When faced with one known bad option and another likely bad option but unknown for certain one would generally choose the unknown option.

As for taking Iraq's oil, we don't need to worry about that as, at this time, the world will not allow it and this is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. It's far more likely that someone would take America's oil without proper compensation than for America to take someone else's without such compensation.

I think we do agree that Mrs. Clinton's health issues or lack thereof are not going to have a major impact on the election. Hopefully the Democrats are thinking about it though. Since she is not going to be able to complete her term either because of health issues or indictment and ultimate imprisonment, her VP will essentially be a co president. They need to be considering how this transition is going to work.

Anonymous said...


RRH said...


I can't speak for Jay,

But, respectfully, anyone looking up to Canada should think again. Where Americans have let the Crazy take the reigns, Canadians have decided that the stupid are best suited to run things.

As for Cankles Clinton,

B., she ain't goin' to jail. Hell may be closer to the mark, though it may soon be a preferable destination by the time she and those like her get done with the planet.

It's humorous because the ridiculousness and banality of it is laid bare for all to see, leaving little else left to do but go off laughing into what is going to be a very long dark night in North America, if not the world.

Really B, the die has been cast and you can thank everyone from the exceptionalist think-tanks, neo Liberal schools of economics, manufacturers and consumers of the culture of the mouth breather, hack "journalist", militarist gloryroader, to the red baiter, racist, ignorant, self entitled, self absorbed, uber individual that passes for far too many of the cult of the self portrait "citizens" of your (and my) country.

But then again, there are the Grandkids....

RRH said...

How can people such as the crooked, cripple Clinton and the self absorbed
ADD afflicted Trump be more than the society that spawned them and propelled them to where they are?

Are they not both an accurate reflection of what they come from?

Jay Farquharson said...

And this is one of the reason's we are laughing,

Both the AMA and APA hold that "remote diagnosis" is bs., and "remote diagnosis" + treatment = disbarment and the pulling of all medical lisences, privledges faster than you can say Malpractice.

And yet you claim "I have family members and friends in the medical profession and have seen some of the videos. They've expressed considerable skepticism as to the claim that she is in good health."

The stupid has become endemic.

Dr. Orient and the AAPS don't "believe" in the Hippocratic Oath, vaccines, organ donation and transplants, blood donation and transfusions, pre-natal care, birth control, planned pregnancies, abortions under any conditions, Medicare/Medicaid, Veterans Care, Obama Care or medical insurance of any kind.

They believe that the only patient/Doctor relationship that should exist, is cash.

They also number less than 250 members.

Anytime I hear a pundit, talking head, "medical professional" attempt a "remote diagnosis", I realize that they arn't medically qualified to express a dog's anal gland.

So far, this election we've had Whitesplaining, Mansplaining, Blacksplaining, Womansplaining, Racistsplaining, LBGTQ+splaining, Racesplaining,

An MSM/Freeper net full of Conmen, Grifters, Crooks, Liars, Warcriminals, weighing in as "experts",

Republicon's bailing from the ship, right and centre, exposing the long con,

Meanwhile .350.Org has Trump at and 11% chance to win, Killary feet has 14 ground operations in Florida with 1280 GOTV volenteers, Trump has one, directly across the street from the Pulse Nightclub, App Grifters are selling "unskew the polls" apps for $27.50,

Sorry, got to go make popcorn,.......

And after November, we get to watch the 2nd Amendment Folks, The Militia's, The KKK and other White Supremacist Clubs, and the BundyBunch take to the streets claiming "we was robbed!!!!!"

I'm saving the kettle corn and the brandy for November.

Jay Farquharson said...

Compared to 30 years ago, stupid.

Compared to Merkel, Cameron, June, Trump, Etc,

Fricken bloody geniuses.

Inbreeding has consequences.

* I left Killary off the list. IMHO, she's status quo.

War News Updates Editor said...

Twin peaks .... one of favourites Jay. And as for this Presidential election .... I am shocked on the enormous interest in Moscow on what is happening. Nothing makes sense to them right now .... which is not a good feeling .... Moscow likes predictability, and there is nothing predictable on what is happening right now.

Jay Farquharson said...

That's because, the Inmates are running the Asylum.

The Joker is in charge and the Riddler is his Press Secretary.

The US, has gone insane, all the lead in the water.

Laughing my ass off.

They built this.

B.Poster said...

Actually there does seem significant questions about Mrs. Clinton's health. An expert can observe a person, and make inferences based upon a preponderance of evidence based on the obsevations but detailed tests would be needed to be definitive. More medical professionals haven't spoken out because in America these people generally don't get involved publically in politics.

As for the folks you nention in the last paragraph they have very little influence and the white supremacists along with the KKK to the extent they exist are universally despised by everyone.

Even though Mrs. Clinton has a huge money edge and a bigger groind game the race is still very close. While I'm looking forward to the mrdia's shock when Trump wins, I find no humor in this as America's survival is at stake and hangs by a thread.

randy mull said...

Yes it matters greatly.