Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is Russia Meddling In The U.S. Election?

Herbert Lin, Newsweek: Russia Is Probably Meddling In The U.S. Election-And That's No Surprise

In recent weeks, two hacks against the Democratic National Committee have been uncovered, one disclosing the DNC’s opposition research on Donald Trump and another releasing many internal emails that forced the resignation of the DNC chair on the eve of the convention. Regardless of these particular consequences, the hacks highlight the potential for cyber-related chaos in the U.S. presidential campaign.

Consider what else might happen between now and November. Perhaps the electronic voting machines will be hacked. The vendors of these machines are unwilling to allow independent experts to examine and report on how vulnerable their machines are, but in 2006, graduate students and a single professor in computer science demonstrated they could pose a credible hacking threat to voting machines.

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Update: Podcast: What is Russia doing to influence the U.S. election? (Jason Fields, Reuters)

WNU Editor: So we learned through hackers that the DNC fixed the primaries so that Hillary Clinton would win, and that they have a file that targets Donald Trump .... but the big story for the media are the allegations (utterly unproven) that it was the Russians who did it?!?!?!?! The big story is the content of what was leaked .... not who leaked it. Sighhh .... but the main stream media has moved on. As to the Newsweek author's suggestion that maybe these emails were forged .... the DNC has not denied that they are, and in fact they have just fired a number of senior officials responsible for the emails that were posted on Wikileaks.


Jac said...

What is strange is the very short time to know who hacked the DNC, and the very very long time to the same "experts" to tell the Hillary Clinton has "no proof" to be hacked.... What do we have to do: laugh or cry?

B.Poster said...

For some reason my previous attempt to post did not take.

Perhaps the Russians are trying to extend us an "olive branch." If so, America would be wise to take it. If so, they've revealed what a complete farce American democracy really is.

My first thought was Russia could not possibly be behind the DNC hack. After all Russian cyber warriors are the best in the world. As such, they coulc not possibly be so clumsy.

Then it occurred to me I think they wanted Americans to know, assuming it was the Russians. The assumptions on the part of the Russians are as follows: 1.) Americans are smart enough to accept their olive branch and act accordingly, or 2.)if Americans are to far gone to accept their overtures, in their minds at least, tney will be fully justified in finishing off America forever.

A meeting with Russia, the most powerful military force tbe world has ever known in a hostile environment does not figure to be a good experience. The fact that team Trump appears to want to make better relations with them would be reason enough alone absent anything else to vote for him. The author of this article fundamentally misunderstands the world power structure. I'm pretty sure the Russians assume Americans are smarter. Prayerfully and hopefully this is the case.

Anonymous said...

Consistent with the history of both the Obama and Clinton administrations. Attack/smear/imprison the whistleblowers while rewarding the exposed corruption.

War News Updates Editor said...

Jac .... give it time .... we will soon all be crying.

TWN said...

The result of the US elections will effect the world, Russia will try to effect the election, but the President of France came out the other day attacking Trump,the British and Canadian politicians and new papers have made guarded statements as well. I a Canadian trash the lying, thieving,criminal, old bag daily, imagine having to listen to that voice and laugh for the next 4 years, see I just did it again. I'm no Trump fan but having a choice between a rotting rodent corpse and the Hidabeast I'd vote for the rotting rodent corpse, see just did it again.

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to spin events when you have almost every news media outlet under your control