Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Is Russia A Military Threat?

Yuri Maltsev/Reuters

Anna Mulrine Grobe, CSM: How big a military threat is Russia, really?

Some US generals see Putin's moves in Ukraine and Syria as dangerously aggressive. Others see calculated efforts aimed at blunting Western influence but not directly challenging the US.

In a recent talk at one of America’s premier war colleges, the nation’s top military officer warned incoming students about the dangers of Russian aggression.

Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pointed to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, its meddling in Ukraine, and its aid to the Syrian regime. Even in the face of a severe economic squeeze, "they are modernizing their nuclear enterprise, they are modernizing their submarine force," he said. Such warnings have become increasingly dire in foreign policy circles.

Is Russia really the dire military threat that it's made out to be?

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WNU Editor: Not at the same levels as during the Cold War .... not even close.


Bob Huntley said...

"The world is a stage and we are all players" Every play/story needs a villain to be successful. It may as well be Russia but something has to inspire fear and the need for ever more weaponry. The trouble is that China seems to be vying for that role and how many villains can one play have if it is to be perpetuated? America is forever trying to be the hero, or heroine perhaps.

King Aragon said...

from the KGB north America is doomed on 1/11/2017

King Aragon said...

sorry for the warning usa and cannada

King Aragon said...

there is time to change this order only if u care for life. live and let live people