Monday, August 8, 2016

Italy Expects Blow-back From Supporting The U.S. Air Campaign Over Libya

© Flickr/ U.S. Department of Defense

Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast: As the U.S. Steps Up Air War in Libya, Italy Braces for Retaliation

Italy has dodged major terrorist attacks so far, but fears are growing that day is coming to an end.

BRINDISI, Italy — As Europe struggles to find relative peace during a tense summer of terror, Italy has remained oddly outside the fray.

But Italians are now afraid that’s about to change, and with reason.

For years now, the country has been one of the most threatened targets on the so-called Islamic State’s published target lists. As far back as 2014, on the cover of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, ISIS featured St. Peter’s Square with its black jihadi flag flying atop the obelisk there. And last month, ISIS again featured Italy in one of its propaganda videos, with a photo of Piazza Navona in Rome and other Italian tourist attractions, renewing its threats of conquest.

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WNU Editor: Apparently there are some in Italy who are not happy with this involvement .... 'We Have No Voice': Military Expert Irate Over Italy's Entry Into Libya Campaign (Sputnik).

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