Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Japan Now Has The Second Largest 'Aircraft Carrier Fleet' In The World

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter destroyer JS Hyuga (DDH-181) underway in the Pacific Ocean as U.S. Navy Sea Hawk helicopters hover nearby. (Photo: U.S. Navy)

Harold Hutchison, RealClearDefense/We Are The Mighty: Japan's Aircraft Carrier Comeback

Japan once had the second-most powerful carrier force in the world – on December 7, 1941. On that date, they had six fleet carriers and five light carriers in service, with two fleet carriers on the way. That was in comparison to the United States, which had seven fleet carriers in service with a whole lot of carriers on the way.

Today, Japan has regained the number two slot in terms of aircraft carriers. Currently, they have three in service and one on the way. Now, they don’t call their aircraft carriers aircraft carriers. Instead, they are calling them “helicopter destroyers” – to create the impression they are replacing the four vessels of the Haruna and Shirane classes. These two classes each packed two five-inch guns forward along with an eight-cell ASROC launcher. At the rear, they had an over-sized (for a destroyer) hangar capable of carrying three SH-3 Sea King (later four SH-60) helicopters.

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WNU Editor: China will catch up .... China Readies First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier and a Fleet of Destroyers (Sputnik).


Hamilcar Barca said...

I guess it was her destiny.

rjbrash said...

Does Japan operate/produce v/stol aircraft? If not, then they are helicopter carriers. How many Sea Harriers are in service? Are the decks able to sustain ops from the F-35 v/stol variant? Seems to me that aircraft carrier (yes, helicopters are aircraft) design is rather limited by sea going constraints. Looks like a Nimitz class (maybe), but it does not have near the capabilities.

RRH said...

The question for the Japanese should be

"How long can you tread water?"

TWN said...

When war comes the surface ships that aren't sunk, will be whats in port, the Anti Ship Missile Systems will see to that. This war will be unlike anything we have yet seen.

Jay Farquharson said...

Being in Port won't be exactly safe either, unless the Port is thousands of miles from the conflict.

Gynne Dwyer wrote in his seminal book "War", that based on interviews with Generals, Admirals, Think Tanks and Industry, had war broken out in Europe during the mid to late Cold War,

that based on the weapon densities, reserves, effectiveness of weapons systems and the long lead times for rearming, that the concensus was that with in a few weeks to a month, most of the fighting would be done with shovels and rocks.

At the time, it took Boeing's lines, ( full production at the time), 18 months to build a single F-15, and yet the forcast was to lose dozens a day.

TWN said...

Not only F15 but things as simple as Boots, Shirts and Trousers, the west doesn't have the factories to produce them or the textiles, to supply the expansion of the armed forces. We have plenty of factories in Asia that could supply this expansion but once war comes shipping from these places will be curtailed or stopped. Our Brilliant So Called Leadership, ignored this when they decide to ship everything overseas,the biggest loss is the skilled workers, in Nova Scotia we had a Steel Mill we sold it to China about 25 years ago, the men that knew how to make steel are all dead or old, so even if they tried to rebuild a steel mill here' all the skilled men need to do it are gone,then there is the machine tool manufactures vast majority in Asia, this is the case through out the entire west, our only recourse, when war breaks out are Nuclear Fucking Weapons, or surrender.

scott ryan said...

China can just build small sub speed boats that dive with front sucking jet's.

Laser weapons will fail and so will lock-on new American missiles.

China can easily take out there thee big ships, like the taliban can beat America in Afghanistan......

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