Monday, August 22, 2016

Kurdish Militias Launch An Assault To Seize The Syrian Regime Stronghold At Hasaka

The Guardian: Kurdish militias fight against Syrian forces in north-east city of Hasaka

US, which backs Kurds in campaign against Isis, faces dilemma as alliances between regional players such as Turkey shift.

US-backed Kurdish forces have fought against the Syrian army and militias in the north-east of the country for a fifth consecutive day, threatening to open a new front in the five-year war.

The clashes left at least two dozen civilians dead and caused people to flee to the surrounding countryside, days after the Syrian army began using planes and artillery to attack Kurdish areas in Hasaka.

Dilan Farhad, 25, a student from the city, told the Guardian: “The Syrian army started bombing our neighbourhood and we had to flee for our lives. The cries of a woman and her child are still ringing in my ears. They were wounded by the shelling.”

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RRH said...

It appears the Russians may be brokering a ceasefire agreement. It begs the question of how united are the Kurds and what will be the next U.S. move?