Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Leaked British Military Report Believes That Russia Is Using Ukraine To Train Their Military To Go To War Against The West

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The Telegraph: Russia can outgun British troops, leaked report suggests

The Russian army can outgun British troops on the battlefield, a leaked report suggests, following military advances by the Kremlin.

The assessment by the British Army's warfare branch, seen by The Times newspaper, warned that Russian weapons, including rocket launchers and air defence systems, were more powerful than their British equivalents.

It came as Vladimir Putin and Theresa May on Tuesday spoke for the first time since she took office and both expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of Russian-British relations.

The announcement by the Kremlin could herald the start of improved relations between the two countries that have been strained since the 2006 poisoning death of former spy Alexander Litvinenko and the Ukraine crisis, among other issues.

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B.Poster said...

Given the maddening and EXTREMELY frustrating tendency of "western" including American leaders to underestimate the capabilities and willingness to use such capabilities against us and the corresponding tendency to overestimate our own capabilities, I think we can say with almost absolute certainty that the real state of affairs with regards to "western" forces against Russian ones are even more dire than the leaked report indicates.

Reviewing the chart in the article that shows what Britain has and was Russia has militarily along with the current state of affairs within NATO that are only going to get worse as America either renegotiates its involvement with this or is forced by events to withdraw from the "alliance" it would seem Britain's only real option here is to play nice with Russia and hope Russia reciprocates.

Bob Huntley said...

I thought all proxy wars were training exercises only with real munitions killing real people.

Caecus said...

Russia has outgunned Britain since 1945

TWN said...

The bottom line is that Britain has enough Nukes to destroy Russia and any other country, the Nuclear armed Nations cannot be defeated they will pull the Nuclear card if it ever became a possibility, in the case with Russia if it came to using Nukes Britain would be destroyed but Russia would also, as the computer in that movie said"the only way to win is not to play".