Monday, August 1, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 1, 2016

The Hill: Classified briefings to begin for Clinton, Trump

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are set to begin receiving the classified intelligence briefings historically given to the presidential nominee of each major party every four years.

“Now is the appropriate time, since both candidates have been officially anointed,” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said on Thursday during public remarks at a security conference in Aspen, Colo.

Clinton officially accepted the Democratic nomination on Thursday night. Trump officially became the GOP nominee the week prior.

These briefings — a tradition begun by President Harry Truman in 1952 — are intended to prepare the nominees and ensure continuity with the next administration.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 1, 2016

Mideast tour showcases challenges facing CentCom leader Gen. Votel -- TBO

US military downplays ISIS threat in Afghanistan -- The Hill

U.S. Air Force reports sharp climb in air strikes against militants in Afghanistan -- Air Force Times

Russia’s most advanced spyplane has deployed to Syria again -- Aviationist

Russia's Borei-Class Nuclear Subs Can Penetrate Any Missile Defense System -- Sputnik

Minister: Russian Navy to get 12 warships in 2016 -- TASS

Russia’s Futuristic Military Plagued by Old Problems -- Jamestown

Iran and Russia discuss increasing military ties; Iran blasts US for 'violation' of nuclear deal -- Jerusalem Post

International Army Games 2016: Russia, Kazakhstan Host Olympic-Style Military Drills With Over 3,000 Troops From 20 Countries -- IBTimes

Turkish president tightens grip on military -- USA Today

Israeli army identifies a new threat: Pokemon Go -- AP

Brig. Gen. Buchris Quits Israeli Army Following Indictment for Rape and Other Sexual Offenses -- Haaretz

Is China's DF-41 Missile Really a Late Soviet Gift to Beijing? -- Sputnik

Emboldened Chinese military presses Xi for stern response to South China Sea ruling -- Japan Times/Reuters

Understanding China’s military reform and its effects -- CCTV

China's guard of honor in hard training before Army Day -- CRIEnglish

China, Vietnam Hold Joint Drills -- Prashanth Parameswaran, Diplomat

India Cancels Deal for Six Airbus Tankers -- Defense News

Exclusive: Japan to upgrade Patriot batteries for Olympics as North Korean missile threat grows: sources -- Reuters

South Korea, US Discuss Technology Transfer for KF-X Fighter Jet -- Sputnik

U.S. Army Secretary Says U.S.-South Korea War Games to Proceed -- AP

US To Return Land to Japan Used for Jungle Training -- Defense News

B-1 Bombers to Patrol Skies from Guam -- Honolulu Star-Advertiser |

The F-35 is so stealthy, it produced training challenges, pilot says -- Defense News/Airforce Times

US Air Force Considers Reviving 1,500MPH F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Jet -- Sputnik

Army Revs Up M4 Carbine Lethality Upgrade -- Scout Warrior

The NSA Is Likely 'Hacking Back' Russia's Cyber Squads -- ABC news

NSA Whistleblower: The agency has all of Hillary’s deleted emails -- American Thinker

This is the CIA's guide to what women want -- Tech Insider

CIA Cyber Official Sees Data Flood as Both Godsend and Danger -- Bloomberg

Boot camps for the mind? Pentagon aims to build super soldiers -- CSM

Directed Energy Weapons Gaining Acceptance Across U.S. Military -- National Defense

What's hindering missile defense R&D? A lot -- Mark Pomerleau, C4ISRNET

How will the United States upgrade its nuclear weapons arsenal? -- Nicole Orttung, CSM

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RRH said...

"Both Clinton and Trump are exempt from the need for security clearances, Clapper said, by virtue of their status as presidential candidates."

Mz. Clinton has zero business being a candidate for anything other than prison time. There is more than enough evidence to try her and the FBI/Intelligence knows it.