Monday, August 29, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 29, 2016

U.S. military advisors for NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A) conduct Combat First Aid lessons with Afghan policemen inside a police station in Khas Konar district in Kunar province, eastern Afghanistan October 6, 2011. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

Washington Post: U.S., European military advisers work to boost lagging Afghan combat readiness

CAMP SHAHEEN, Afghanistan — Ten days ago, Maj. Kabir Hamidzai was sitting in a Humvee within Taliban firing range, relaying information between an army troop commander and an attack helicopter pilot overhead.

A column of Afghan soldiers was moving toward an insurgent position from one side of a hill; a squad of Special Operations forces was advancing from the other. Hamidzai’s role was to guide two chopper pilots from both directions, protecting the troops and then striking the insurgents.

Last week, back at this base in northeastern Afghanistan where he trains future combat air controllers, the officer described the recent operation in Baghlan province. “Both convoys came together, the pilots fired their rockets, and 50 of the enemy were killed,” he said with a satisfied nod.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 29, 2016

Afghanistan Partial Threat Assessment: August 28, 2016 -- ISW

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Britain to deploy £1billion Royal Navy destroyer to support the military campaign against Isil -- The Telegraph

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Saudis Revealed as Possible Secret Buyer of Ukraine's 'Grom' Missile System -- Sputnik

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Why China Should Fear the US Military's Third Offset Strategy -- Richard A. Bitzinger, National Interest

Don't Be Too Sure About a Stalemated US-China Military Balance -- Robert Farley, The Diplomat

NATO: Russia increasingly staging snap military drills -- AP

European Union Military Force Needed To Fight Off Russia, Eastern Europe Nations Warn -- IBTimes

Report: German military recruits to receive background checks -- DW

German army reveals more than 60 ISIS militants have secretly joined its ranks -- The SUN

Submarine Data Leak Roils Three Governments -- Defense News

This is What Members of Colombia’s FARC Rebel Army Carry in Their Bags -- TIME

Commander: in future conflicts, Army will augment Navy, Air Force -- US Army

In Show of Stealth, F-22s Tailed Su-24s in Syria: Report -- Defense Tech

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Auditors Rap Air Force for A-10 Boneyard Plan -- DoD Buzz

GAO: Dumping the A-10 jet could cost the military in missions besides close-air support -- Washington Post

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Marines and sailors prep for the largest amphibious assault in the modern era -- Marine Times

Navy Gets $2.7B Attack Submarine Sponsored by Michelle Obama --

LCS Freedom's Engine May Need Replacement -- Defense News

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Bell’s V-247, Armed Tiltrotor Drone For Marines -- Breaking Defense

Pentagon Study Examines the Impending Global Domination of Killer Robots -- Sputnik

US Won’t Use ‘Terminator’ That Makes Lethal Decisions: Four-Star -- Defense Tech

Trailblazer to Female Cadets: 'It's Your Coast Guard Now.' -- Day, New London, Conn.

Air Force Says Retired 4-Star General under Investigation -- AP

Fired Army general’s illicit sex life went beyond just an affair -- Miami Herald

Special Forces Memorial: If We Build It, They Will Come [PHOTOS] -- Daily Caller

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Why the Military-Industrial Complex Loves Hillary -- Jeremy Lott, American Spectator

The NATO blame game -- Lucas Della Ventura, The Hill

NATO is an Institutional Dinosaur -- Ted Galen Carpenter, War on the Rocks

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