Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 30, 2016

USNI News: Officials: E.U. and U.S. Need to Do Better Job Sharing Terrorism Intelligence

The U.S. and the European Union need to do a better job of sharing information immediately and in a secure way to best deter terrorist attacks, two senior international security officials said Monday.

But even after years of effort, the E.U. and the United States are not yet there.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 30, 2016

Three US allies are now fighting each other in northern Syria -- VICE News

LA TIMES: U.S. intel sees ISIS as weakened after defeats -- San Diego Union Tribune

State: US concerned about missile defense system at Iranian uranium facility -- The Hill

Taliban Appoint Military Chief as the New Leader Settles In -- AP

Russia To Test-Fire S-300, S-400 Missile Systems In Military Exercise Involving 4,000 Troops -- IBTimes

Russian Defense Ministry receives another batch of Sukhoi-34 bombers -- TASS

NATO: Russia Increasingly Staging Snap Military Drills -- AP

South Korea says no plans to introduce nuclear submarines -- AP

Taiwan's Military Conscription Dilemma -- The Diplomat

China to Supply Pakistan With 8 New Stealth Attack Submarines by 2028 -- The Diplomat

China’s Evolving Military Strategy and the Reorganization of the People’s Liberation Army -- Anthony H. Cordesman & Joseph Kendall, National Interest

British military crackdown on ‘buffoon’ pilots & drunken sailors -- RT

Crashed Swiss army jet found in Alps, pilot missing -- DW

U.S., India sign military logistics agreement -- Reuters

US Air Force opens the door to all enlisted to fly drones -- Air Force Times

Air Force gets 100th F-35 -- Air Force Times

New Chief Of Staff Outlines Global Challenges Faced By The Air Force -- NPR

US Navy’s first F-35C fleet soon to complete final at-sea developmental test phase -- Naval-Technology.com

US Navy's $360million littoral combat ship is knocked out of action with mechanical issues for the THIRD time this year -- Daily Mail

US Defense Contractors Win $950Mln to Sustain Close-Shore Combat Ships -- Sputnik

Attack Boat Illinois Delivers Early to Navy -- USNI

Navy Can’t Prove That Green Energy Projects Save Money -- Washington Free Beacon

Keep Sequestration Caps, Budget Experts Say -- Defense News

Major decision on troubled XM25 could come later this year -- Army Times

The NSA Research Director Wants Hackers to Know Who She Is -- Washingtonian

NSA 'Cyber Weapons' Leak Shows How Agency Prizes Online Surveillance Over Online Security -- Reason

Amazon and the CIA Will Team Up to Map Your Garbage -- Inverse

Watergate: CIA withheld data on double agent -- FOX News

Watchdog: Pentagon may have reimbursed casino, strip club visits -- The Hill

How to rebuild U.S. military might -- Tom McInerney and Erin Cassidy, Washington Times

A pardon for Petraeus -- Charles Dunlap, Washington Times

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