Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nigeria To Resume Payments To Rebels In Oil Rich Niger Delta

OilPrice.com: Nigeria Resumes Payments To Ex-Rebels Plotting Against Oil Industry

The Nigerian government has opted to resume making payments to the former militants as part of a plan to halt armed attacks against oil industry facilities in the Niger Delta region.

Officials last February halted making payments to the ex-rebels who in 2009 pledged to stop their offensive against the oil infrastructure in exchange for benefits. The aid received by the former combatants included a US$203.44 monthly payment as well as job training, but the government cut it off after a recent spate of attacks on oil pipelines.

Authorities at the time believed beneficiaries of the amnesty may have played a part in the violence at the oil-rich Niger Delta. Yet as reported in Bloomberg, the suspension of subsidies removed the incentives for former combatants to act as protectors. As a result, violence worsened and has forced Nigeria’s already troubled oil production to drop as low as 700,000 barrels per day.

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