Friday, August 26, 2016

Philippine Government And Communist Rebels Have Signed An Indefinite Ceasefire Deal

Wall Street Journal: Philippines And Communist Rebels Agree Indefinite Cease-Fire Deal in Oslo

The agreement, signed in Norway, provides a foundation for further peace talks.

OSLO—The Philippine government and the communist National Democratic Front of the Philippines have agreed on an indefinite cease-fire after a week of peace talks in Oslo, the Norwegian foreign ministry said Friday.

The Norwegian government, which is facilitating the talks, described the cease-fire deal as a historic breakthrough.

As part of the agreement, signed by the two parties on Friday, a Philippine government peace panel will encourage the president of the Philippines to grant amnesty to political prisoners, if approved by the Philippine Congress, said the Norwegian government.

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WNU Editor: While there may be a ceasefire between The Philippine government and Communist insurgents, but the war against Abu Sayyaf militants continues .... Philippine troops 'kill six Abu Sayyaf militants' (AFP).

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Aizino Smith said...

Stupid Phillipino communists.

There are 'real' communists in the U.S. It is legal to do. Granted those communities are small, but one has the freedom to experiment.

Sound like they want everything or they won't try their dream.

No conviction.